• Microstrokes-Microblading Eyebrows Treatment

    Microstrokes-Microblading Eyebrows Treatment

Microstroke Semi Permanent Eyebrows Treatments

Eyebrows are definitely big news these days but many people are now looking for easier solutions to have perfect eyebrows without the need for makeup.

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Are Microstroke semi permanent eyebrows for you?

Microstroke semi-permanent eyebrows, or microblading as it is also known is a manual procedure that allows pigment to be inserted into the upper layers of skin, creating semi-permanent perfect eyebrows that still remain after you have been in water, at the gym and when you first wake up!

At Atelier Beauty and Harmony we are proud of be able to offer this fantastic treatment. If you are looking for a fuller looking eyebrow or are simply fed up of penciling them on each morning then microstroke semi-permanent eyebrows may be exactly what you are looking for.

Why Microstroke semi permanent eyebrows?

If your eyebrows are naturally sparse, thinning due to alopecia or if you are just looking for more definition Microstroke semi permanent eyebrows is a fantastic solution for you. The procedure is simple, affordable and will last around 12 months.

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