• Microstrokes-Microblading Eyebrows Training Courses

    Microstrokes-Microblading Eyebrows Training Courses


These techniques will add much more potential to your booking ability as it allows you to offer different finishes and work with a wider demographic of clients.

Microstrokes-microblading is a very natural looking method because little strokes look  like natural eyebrows. Using my custom made acupuncture blades results are incredible.

Ombre-shading is a very popular method especially for ladies who want a more defined look or pencil look but not dramatic,  like tattooed eyebrows.

Combo it's shading and strokes. It's great for clients if strokes are too natural looking. They can have strokes-hairs look and a bit of pencil-shading for more defined but soft powdered effect. Essentially more of a powdered brow makeup finish.

When it’s blended correctly, it can add textrure, definition and fullness. This technique will help with:

  • Covering scars
  • Blending in previous brow tattoos
  • Assisting with pigment retention on oily skin

Once you successfully completed the training course you will become a member of my post course development program to enhance and maintain the skills you have learned.

You will begin with sending photos of your evidence practice work by fallowing step by step training manuals..

Once your manual practicing strokes reach mandatory standards you will proceed with practicing microstrokes on artificial skin and complete case studies.

Practicing starter kit is included in your course price.

You will receive individual bespoke coaching to ensure your skills will reach the highest possible standard.

After completing case studies you will be fully qualified technician ready to start preforming full price treatments on your clients.

My goal is your success and for you to be fully qualified within 1-2 months of attending the course.

Even after the course you will have my continuous support.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information or if you would like to proceed with the booking.

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